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New Book on Amantani Island, Peru


Book on Amantani, Peru

Amantani en el Titikaka by native Amantani islander Marcelino Yucra Pacompia is available in local bookstores in Puno, Peru, and on the island of Amantani, Lake Titicaca, and possibly via the publisher’s website.

This first book available to the public on Amantani Island, is published in Spanish. It covers the geography, attractions, history, culture and customs, natural history plus social and political aspects of the island. Is also includes an important piece on the concept of Ayni or reciprocity, key the sense of community on the island.

Mountain Spirit Institute recommends this book as a good primer before visiting the island. We will see what we can do to have the book available on our website’s Fair Trade webpage.

Room For Improvement


Considering Civility* in the USA
Ann Coulter Speech Canceled  At University Of Ottawa

The Huffington Post, and Canada’s Globe and Mail
OTTAWA — A protest by hundreds of students led organizers to cancel a Tuesday night speech by American conservative commentator Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa.

A spokesman for the organizers said Coulter was advised against appearing after about 2,000 “threatening” students crowded the entrance to Marion Hall, posing a security threat.
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Editor’s Note: While postings such as this are usually outside our realm, due to the recent reports of physical threats to members of U.S. congress members, we thought is might be a good reminder to reflect on, from where such vitriol originates. While this editor subscribes to both online and in-print alternative press, we at MSI are reminded of the wise words of G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island, (more…)