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Insightful Blog from Peru


Image: by Lawrence Kovacs

Observations, anecdotes, and ruminations from our family’s year of travel in Peru and Bolivia.
Lawrence Kovacs, is author of the blog FromPeruToYou.  We worked at Pacific Crest Outward Bound in the North Cascades leading mountaineering trips. Since then he has become a father, a teacher, and from a  look at his blog, a gifted photographer and writer.
Check out it out. You won’t be disappointed.  Images from a unique angle, some of which show Lawrence’s sharp sense of humor, and stories of living in Cusco, show a man making the most of life as it comes his way. His attitude and gusto for life not only benefits his family, but the rest of us as well.  As I wrote to him in a recent message, “After having lived off and on, and guided in Peru for over ten years, I got more insight into the country by reading your blog than I normally do in my travels there.” Thanks Lawrence. Keep up the good work and see you stateside sometime soon.

Why We Need Live Music #6


Peter Merrigan graced the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse last night, closing our 2009/10 season for the summer. When he started playing “It’s a Wonderful World” written by Robert Thiele and George David Weiss, I couldn’t resist catching it on my little camera. Nice job Peter, and thanks again for playing and contributing your energy to the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse.  The audience loved it.