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Your Food Supply #12


Have you ever heard of a Squash Blossom Tamale? Also, how old do you think the eggs are in a regular supermarket? (!)

Board Meets for Annual Retreat


Mountain Spirit Institute board members will be meeting for an annual board retreat in Plainfield, New Hampshire this week. The board members will discuss strategic planning, fund raising strategies and programming for the upcoming year.  Mountain Spirit currently has 6 board members, but will also discuss strategies for looking for additional board members who are interested in fund raising and development.

Your Food Supply #11


Question: A single pound of industrially produced ground beef contains how many different strands of DNA? Find out below:

Your Food Supply #10


Making Some Really Good Tamales..and Growing Up Vegetarian

Your Food Supply #9


Obesity in Mexico is a huge problem – more so than in the U.S. Find out why:

Grand Canyon Tourists & Nature


5 million people visit the Grand Canyon every year
This staggering figure is a cross section of a world population which doesn’t get out into nature as much as in generations past. (See Richard Louv’s book  Last Child in the Woods which addresses nature deficit disorder)  Yet, our observations of the people seen on the North Rim this day, people are enthralled with not only the Canyon, but the flora and fauna on the canyon rim. We saw people taking the time to read about the plants and animals, and in most cases, sit in nature, if even for a while.  Man, and Woman’s internal compass designed is to gravitate back to nature, despite the lure of technology. Mountain Spirit’s goal is to facilitate this process.

Your Food Supply #8: Real Corn


Linda describes what good organic corn looks, feels and tastes like.

Your Food Supply #7: BuckHorn Mt.


Buckhorn Gardens in Montrose Colorado goes “MorGanic”
Breigh Peterson and Darren Cloud go beyond organic at the Telluride Farmer’s Market.

See Buckhorn Gardens’ website.

The Little Pika & Global Warming


How Global Warming is effecting the Pika, a High Altitude Rock Dweller.
Photographer Wendy Shattil of Denver, Colorado gets great shots in the name of nature. Learn about her efforts to capture and document, on camera, endangered species for future generations.  I talk with her about the pika, a rodent in the rabbit family, who can’t go any higher as the temperatures rise in our mountain environment.

Be sure and check out her amazing images on her website.

Your Food Supply #6: Fair Trade


Third World Countries Depend on First World Markets
Now what do we do? We’ve built market relationships in Mexico and other countries, where they sell everything from avocados to bananas to the U.S. Should we now stop buying their products in order to buy local? How much damage would that do to their farming economies?  It’s not so clear, according to Linda….
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