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Leadership in the Media


An Inteview with John Raatz
More on Entertainment’s New Direction and
Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment

John Raatz and his Visioneering Group have been championing an Enlightened Media longer than just about anyone. Ten years after he promoted some groundbreaking films (described below) he found the What the BLEEP filmmakers and convinced them to bring him on board to promote the film. The filmmakers were 4 months into their self distribution and realized they needed a real professional to bust into the next level. Which with John Raatz and David Langer and the rest of their crew, they did. That was then – what about now????

BH: People have talked a lot about this emerging genre and they give it a lot of different names. What are some of the names you’ve heard people give this emerging genre and what’s your favorite?

Raatz: Well, the only name that I use is the word “transformational” as a qualifier.
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