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M.S.I. Board Members Randy Richards & Cindy Heath take Discussions on the Road (and Mountains), to Canada

MSI Board member Cindy Heath with her dog Stanley on Mt. Orford, Quebec, Canada

Board member Cindy Heath & Stanley

As board members and staff, we’re discovering that rountinely getting out in the mountains, and preferably, out of the country lays a good groundwork for productive discussions. Plus it’s fun. Heck, one of our board members lives in Nova Scotia.

R Richards, in Quebec, CA

R Richards, in Quebec, CA

Mountain Spirit Institute board members Randy Richards and Cindy Heath took a spontanious road trip, and quick hike up Mt. Orford in Canada, near the town of Magog, Quebec on November 13th. The two brainstormed development strategies, and also managed to take in some views from the summit of the moderate adirondack. Cindy’s dog, Stanley, broke trail most of the way. All in all, it was a productive use of time, plus we had the opportunity to practice our language skills again, which is most important.